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Who's The Dodger???

Change Your Life with Dodger NFT & Metaverse
8,888 Dodgers minted on ETH Blockchain

Dodger is always The Winner. He is Handsome, Smart and Lucky. He might look Cool, Smiling, Smirking, Angry or even Sad. He may wear different suits, glasses, hats and hairstyles, but he always keeps he's potato-nose downwind and finds solutions to succeed!


Magic Mint Price: 0,056 ETH

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Dodger's Emotions & Collection

8888 Dodgers have 5 original emotions. They wear different traditional hats, sunglasses, earrings, mustaches and suits. Each Dodger has its own badge according to the Tokenomics Level.


This Cool Dodger is wearing Eastern Hat, Business suite and Golden badge! You can persanolise your Dodger while minting.


This Smirking Dodger is wearing Turkish Hat, Flaming suite and Lucky badge! You can persanolise your Dodger while minting.


This Angry Dodger is wearing US Hat, T-shirt and Magic badge! You can persanolise your Dodger while minting.


This Sad Dodger is wearing Turban Hat, Joker suite and Golden badge! You can persanolise your Dodger while minting.


This Smiling Dodger is wearing Egyptian Hat, Squid Game suite and Advanced badge! You can persanolise your Dodger while minting.

Dodger's Roadmap and Vision

We have prepared a roadmap taking into account our professional capabilities, skills and experience in digital development and marketing.

Stage One (Completed)
Initial Development

Run Social campaigns (Discord, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube). Launch Dodger's multifunctional website with MetaMask integrated and selectable minting options.

Stage Two (Completed)
Dodger Machine Beta Version

Dodger Machine is the Utility, which lets NFT Artists from all over the World to generate their own collections from layers and upload them to NFT File Storage for further minting on any NFT Marketplace. All Dodger NFT Holders will be benefited by passive income from this paid service.

Stage Three/Four
VIP Presale (Completed)
Whitelist Presale

VIP and Whitelist members will be able to select and mint Best Rarity Dodgers with 20% Discount (FCFS)

Stage Four
Dodger NFT Public Sale

After presales rest of Dodgers will be sold from Dodger NFT Marketplace

Stage Five (In progress)
Dodger Marketplace Launch

Launch of Own NFT Marketplace supported by generating, storage and minting services.

Stage Six
$DODGER Token Launch

Dodger Token is the official currency of all Dodger Metaverse with all its multiple services.
Dodger Decentralized Token will be launched as a private presale only among Dodger NFT Holders and give great advantage to Dodger's Family Members.

Stage Seven
Dodger Metaverse Creation

Dodger Metaverse contains multiple Decentralized services, such as online games, play-to-earn and real economic games, study, dating, business, shopping and other opportunities for Dodger NFT and Dodger Token Holders.

Dodger NFT Tokenomics

Total Emission is 8888 Dodgers. All of them are occupying 4 Levels.
Each Level is marked by special Badge.

All Dodgers (depending on their Levels) are legit Shareholders of all Dodger Ecosystem Business. As per Dodger's roadmap, the project is launching several paid services and distributing 80% of the profit to Dodger Holders. Members will receive their shares automatically on their wallets according to the Dodger's Smart Contract.

Lucky Dodger

Price: 0,07 ETH
Emission: 4300 NFTs
Shareholder of 0,005%

Advanced Dodger

Price: 0,07 ETH
Emission: 2500 NFTs
Shareholder of 0,008%

Golden Dodger

Price: 0,07 ETH
Emission: 1700 NFTs
Shareholder of 0,012%

Magic Dodger

Price: 0,07 ETH
Emission: 388 NFTs
Shareholder of 0,052%

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