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NFT Giveaway conditions and list of winners

Lucky Dodgers Giveaway Conditions

Lucky Dodgers will be open for free minting during 1 week after at least 80% of whitelist is sold out.
Gas fee on the Ethereum Blockchain is payable by the winners (!).

To claim your Lucky Dodgers you must have @Lucky Dodgers role on Discord!

Perform these 3 steps to get a role and your first Lucky Dodger worth 0,033 ETH for FREE:

  1. Follow our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Discord
  2. Invite 20 friends to Discord Server
  3. Receive Level 10 on Discord server activity

To claim for more Lucky Dodgers (max 3 in 1 hand) you have to invite 20 members to Discord for one free NFT.

In addition to the requirements described above we do regular raffles, where everyone has chances to win FREE NFT or WL space. Stay tuned!!!

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Giveaway Winners: