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George Gustav

Dodger Team Leader
Digital Marketer

During 14 years of my experience in WEB industry I have created hundreds of web-projects in different kind of business areas for European, USA, UAE, Georgian and Russian Markets. I know exactly what to do and how to bring my team and my customers to Success

Nidhi Jaiswal

Dodger NFT Co-Founder
Marketing Manager

I see lots of people investing in NFTs but they are not getting any passive income except staking which is usually very low. After experiencing this I thought that I need to launch NFT holder passive income service, and here they are the DODGERS.

Vitaly Chinilin

Dodger Senior Developer
Blockchain Programmer

I am sure that Blockchain is the Future. Dodger's Smart Contract will make all Holders Guarantied Owners of all Dodger's businesses, such as NFT Generating Service & NFT Marketplace. This will bring to our community pure
Passive income

Tamara Barkaya

Dodger PFP Art Creator
Digital Artist

I studied Digital Art for 3 years in the Colledge. My main job is related to fashion design, but I can't imagine myself without digital drawing. I love my Dodgers and I put all my inspiration into this project. I wish all Dodger holders to be Always Happy and Rich